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Koken 11 pc. 3/8" Drive Semi Deep Metric Nut Grip Socket Set

Koken 11 pc. 3/8" Drive Semi Deep Metric Nut Grip Socket Set

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40MM Semi Deep Nut Grip

Nut Grip, 3/8” drive, Standard Length, Chrome Hand Socket Set.  NUT GRIP® is Ko-ken's special design for non-magnetic nuts/bolts to be held firmly in a 6-point socket. The design consists of two balls held in place by a spring steel ring.


Our nut grip sockets are unique to Ko-ken and truly a revolutionary way of approaching this type of socket. Our fastener holds nuts and bolts in place without the use of magnets. Our system is built with a coil spring and ball bearings on opposing flats. When a nut or bolt is in the socket the ball bearings push out on the springs holding the nut/bolt in place.

Our nut grip sockets can completely change a mechanics efficiency. If you lose a nut or bolt inside and engine a lot of time you must take the entire engine apart to find the bolt. With nut grip sockets that dilemma is completely eradicated.


Input Drive Size: 3/8"
Type: 11 piece Nut Gripper Rail Set
3450M Nut Grip Sockets 8,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,16, 17, 18,19
Rail 250mm
Socket Depth 40MM
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