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CTA Radiator Pressure Adapter - GM/GMC

CTA Radiator Pressure Adapter - GM/GMC

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�Designed for the L5P Diesel Engine with two tank caps

�One cap is located on the side of the tank (Vented) with right-hand threads

�The other is located on the top of the tank (Non-Vented) with left-hand threads

�This is designed to eliminate any chance of installing the non-vented cap where a vented cap is required

�ATTENTION (Adapter is designed for the vented tank with right handed threads)

�O-rings on the center core seal off the tank vent port for proper testing

�Compare to GM factory tool GE-52098-A

�Applications: 2017+ Chevrolet Silverado and 2017+ GMC Sierra w/ Duramax

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