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Maxxeon CYCLOPS WorkStar® 81X Light

Maxxeon CYCLOPS WorkStar® 81X Light

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The MAXXEON CYCLOPS WorkStar® 81X series is the premier handheld, commercial grade, professional LED work light, with more features and better performance than the competition.

New Colors: CYCLOPS is now available in Hi-Viz green and Hi-Viz Orange, in addition to our traditional red, making them easier to locate in some situations and easier to personalize in operations with a number of technicians.

USB Rechargeable: The key to the CYCLOPS's utility is its powerful Li-Po (lithium polymer) battery pack that provides long run times in a small package. The light fits nicely in your hand, but it is USB rechargeable, so it's ready to work when you are.

Mounting Features: The CYCLOPS has a sturdy handle with a built-in magnet (protective coating included) and a 1/4"-20 tripod socket (see accessories). The handle rotates 360 degrees, with 12 intended positions. The handle can be used as a stand to support and aim the light, while the powerful magnetic base can fasten the light to any ferrous metal surface.

Included: The commercial grade CYCLOPS includes a micro USB cord.

Accessories: The optional octopus tripod can be used as a tripod or a "hook". The optional suction cup can be fastened to glass or other smooth surfaces.


720 Lumens: The WorkStar® 81X series has been upgraded to 3 brightness settings: 720 lumens on High with a run time of 2 hr, 360 lm on Medium with a run time 4.5 hr and 180 lm on Low with a run time of 10 hr. Twice as bright as before on High and the run time has been doubled on both Medium (formally High) and Low.

Round Beam: Other handheld rechargeable work lights have a vertical strip of LEDs and an odd oval beam pattern. Not CYCLOPS! It creates a perfectly round beam pattern using a square array of 9 LEDs and a custom wide angle lens.

Charging Time: Four green LEDs work in 25% increments to show the battery level while in use and while charging. Charge time is about 3 hr.

What's in your toolbox? With the addition of HiViz green, yellow, and Orange, CYCLOPS is the ideal cordless inspection light for HVAC and auto techs, as well as other trades like plumbers and electricians.


Sturdy: The rugged WorkStar® 810/811/812 CYCLOPS commercial grade professional LED work light is designed for daily use by technicians in demanding shop, manufacturing and maintenance environments. The tough ABS body and nylon handle are virtually indestructible.

Reliability: The power switch is rated at 50,000 cycles and is sealed to avoid contamination by dirt and grit. The micro USB jack has been significantly reinforced. The jacks are now tested for 10,000 insertions. The bulbs/LEDs are rated for over 50,000 hr.

Drop Testing: It's a fact, tools drop. CYCLOPS is tested for 20 random drops from 6 ft.

Ingress Protection: It's good to know that CYCLOPS is designed for real world conditions. It has an IP64 rating, meaning that it is dust and water resistant, including protection from rain, sprays and water splashing from all directions.

Impact Test: The impact rating is IK07, which means it can withstand hits of up to 2 Joules or about 1.5 ft-lbs.

Temperature Range: CYCLOPS will work over the standard professional operating range of 15º to 105ºF.

Warranty: Our dealers will honor our over-the-counter 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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